Our Services

We offer a full array of landscape services to encompass the design, installation and maintenance aspects of the green industry.  Please see some of our services below.

Landscape Design & Master Planning

We can generate CAD drawings of your residence that will reflect the desires you have for your outdoor environment. During the design process we will meet with you on site and discuss the options that will best suit your needs. We will take those ideas and create a comprehensive landscape design. There is a design fee associated with the production of a master plan or large scale landscape design.  This fee will include the release of the copyright by Bold Outdoors LLC to you, the client, so that you may have it installed by another company of your preference. If you choose our company as the installer, this fee will be credited back to you on the final invoice.

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Hardscape Installation

Hardscaping has become a very important part of the design process in our area because it allows the designer to create separate spaces in your outdoor environment through the creative installation of retaining walls, patios, paths and other “hard” elements. We can design and install any of these hardscape elements that best reflect your personal style and that best compliments the architecture of your house. The types of hardscape material is almost endless. In our area, we use a wide range of natural stone, modular or concrete cast blocks and pavers and synthetic stone to achieve the effect our clients desire. A simple, yet effective landscape element is the boulder. Especially for those who love nature it is important to have large boulders scattered throughout the landscape. These can be merely for decoration or for function as in natural sitting areas or retaining walls.


Outdoor Living

Another trend in the area is to install something that produces heat and light. This includes features such as firepits, fireplaces, and outdoor kitchen areas. Again, these vary in size, shape, color, and function so there are limitless possibilities for you to choose from.

outdoor living

Tree, Shrub & Mulch Installation

Beyond just creating a landscape design for you, we can install it as well. Our knowledgeable installers can read the landscape plan accurately and will verify with the designer that the placement of the plant material is correct before planting. After all of the new plant material has been planted according to horticultural guidelines appropriate to our location, they will either install a hardwood mulch or decorative rock in your new landscape beds to finish off the project. This will give the landscape a crisp, clean look. We also can bulk deliver some material if desired.


Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation

Professional outdoor lighting systems can greatly increase the beauty and value of your home. We specialize in designing and installing high quality low voltage lighting systems. We can offer our years of experience to help create the perfect nightime environment at your residence. Unlike some companies, we carefully configure our systems to account for circumstances of electrical voltage drop, future expansion, and ease of maintenance to help ensure that your system will last for many years to come. We can create a CAD lighting layout that will show you where all of the fixtures will be located and the transformer that controls the system.


Turf Maintenance

We want your property to outshine the others so we offer a full range of maintenance services. These include mowing, integrated pest management(IPM), and fertilization programs scheduled periodically to keep your lawn healthy and lush.


Horticultural Consultation

If you are in need of a consultation from a college educated horticulturalist and landscape designer to aid in plant selection or general design advice, we will be able to arrange a meeting at your place of residence. This service will be charged per hour or any partial hour. After consultation, we can provide general concept designs or plant specific information and pictures if desired for an additional charge.


Drainage Systems and Water Solutions

We can provide a comprehensive site analysis of any water problems or potential flood areas and create solutions to help remedy the issues.  Every property is unique and needs a custom drainage plan to address any water related problems.  French drains, downspout extensions, dry creek beds and natural drainage swails are just a few ways to combat troublesome areas.


Plant and Bed Maintenance, Debris Removal & Cleanup

As a company that desires to educate our customers through proper horticultural practices, we strive to be the best at overall landscape maintenance which includes tree and shrub pruning, annual mulch installation, seasonal color, sod installation, fall leaf cleanups, and debris removal. We have the knowledge and experience to teach you, the consumer, when is the best time to perform these services to achieve the best result. Also, it is our desire to create a comprehensive maintenance schedule that will help save our clients money in the end.


Water Features

There are a variety of landscape features that we are proud to install because of the beauty and function they lend to the outdoor environment. Water features provide a sense of relaxation due to the sound of running water. We install ponds, pondless waterfalls, fountains, and bubbling rocks. Every water feature is different because of our clients’ creative imagination and we are happy to accommodate.


Snow Removal

Annual snow removal contracts, per push pricing or post storm emergency clearing are just a few of the ways Bold Outdoors can help service our clients.