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In the Garden

In the Garden Now is the time to get outside and assess your garden needs.  Spend some time cleaning up your garden beds, cultivating the soil, and making sure you have enough room to hold all of the plants you want to grow.  Things to think about: Garden Drainage - make sure that you don't have any low spots in your plot of land that may hold water which can encourage fungal growth and make a big mess when it [...]

Weed Prevention – Do it Now!

Listen all you do-it-yourselfers.....it is a very important time of the year for your lawn.  Your grass is probably just now starting to green up and those weeds are not far behind.  It is the perfect time for you to get your hands on a bag of fertilizer with weed preventer.  It comes in all different shapes, sizes and brands, but you should be able to find it at any local hardware store.  Specifically look for "Crabgrass Preventer" on [...]