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Hot Summer Projects

Hot Summer Projects The sweltering heat has a tendency to keep us from working on outdoor projects.  Here are a few things that you might think about tackling during the heat of the summer: Weeding the garden Irrigation system run-through Remove unwanted junk from the yard Deadhead perennial flowers that are spent Clean the grill Spread fertilizer with grub control on the lawn These are just a few items that can keep us busy when it seems like the landscape is [...]

In the Garden

In the Garden Now is the time to get outside and assess your garden needs.  Spend some time cleaning up your garden beds, cultivating the soil, and making sure you have enough room to hold all of the plants you want to grow.  Things to think about: Garden Drainage - make sure that you don't have any low spots in your plot of land that may hold water which can encourage fungal growth and make a big mess when it [...]