Drainage Problems Show Up after Spring Rains

Drainage Problems Show Up after Spring Rains As I sit here typing this article a consistent rain falls from the sky and it has been raining for quite a while.  This is a good thing, right?  Well, it is definitely welcomed by our thirsty plants and our emerging lawns, but heavy rains also may reveal ugly drainage issues that like to hide during dry weather.  This is a topic I try to cover each spring as most homeowners have to [...]

Rainy Season and Drainage

There is a true love/hate relationship in our industry when rainy season hits.  On one hand, the water is a welcome sight for our re-emerging lawns and a great quencher for all of our thirsty trees and shrubs.  On the other, the scourge of the wet season - all of our drainage problems proudly display their claims on our property.  As much as it is a nuisance, it also presents you (the homeowner) with the perfect opportunities to locate any [...]